Your place of residence agreement between each of you Saudi Arabia Sulaymaniyah district in Riyadh 7194 Prince Musaed bin Abdulaziz Al-Sulaimaniyah 3231 Postal Code: 12232 Commercial Registry: 1010573218 And you are the place of residence: Riyadh - Al Farazdaq District - Bin Zaidoun Street Name of residence: Bahi Tower Apartments are furnished apartments Contact: 0114729782 - 0114783334 Company name (legal entity): Bahi Tower for furnished apartments Address (legal entity): Riyadh - Al Farazdaq District - Bin Zaidoun Street Have agreed as follows: 1 - Commission rate The commission rate will be 15% of confirmed reservations. 2 - Implementation and performance The agreement will only enter into force after approval and confirmation by 3 - General extradition conditions The agreement is governed and subject to general extradition terms (terms and conditions). The place of residence acknowledges that it has read the agreement and agreed to the terms and conditions 4 - Date: 11/21/2020

General delivery terms These general extradition terms (conditions) form an integral part of the place of residence agreement (“Residence Agreement” and referred to with the conditions as “Agreement”) entered into between the place of residence and (collectively referred to as “two parties”) "). 1. Definitions In addition to the provisions defined elsewhere in this agreement, the following definitions shall apply to this agreement as a whole, unless another meaning appears otherwise: “Best Price Guarantee” means a warranty issued by (in this name or by any similar name) that indicates that offers the best room price and that a lower price cannot be found online at an online store and for an equivalent room. . “ Platform” means the website or websites on the Internet, applications, tools, platforms or other devices of on which the service is available. “Customer Service” means the Customer Service Office that can be reached through the email address or any other address stipulated in this Agreement. “Direct debit” means the instructions given by the place of residence to the bank that deals with it that is authorized to collect any direct amounts from the bank account of the place of residence. “Extranet” means the internet system that can be accessed by the place of residence (after the user name and password match) through the website to download information of the place of residence (including prices, availability) and accommodation (including prices and availability). Or change them and / or verify them, their updates and / or their amendments. “Force Majeure” means any of the following events that affect many inmates and the facilities of the place of residence: judgment and fate, volcanic eruptions, (natural) disasters, fires, wars, hostilities or any local or national emergency, invasions. A port or a public authority, whether local or regional, governmental organizations and interventions, military movements, civil war or terrorism, explosions (biological, chemical or nuclear), revolutions, riots or civil unrest, riots, or civil disobedience. Ongoing), transportation facilities, the closure of any airport or any other exceptional or catastrophic event, the circumstances and emergencies that make it impossible or illegal or prevent inmates from traveling or staying at the place of residence. “Guest” means a visitor of the establishment, a customer of the place of residence, or a guest there. “Intellectual property right” means any patent, copy right, invention, database right, design right, registered design, trademark, trade name, trademark, non-trademark, logos, service mark, technology, or model. Related to subject matter - any application of any such right, technology, trade name, profession name or domain name (within any extension, such as: .eu, .fr, .nl, com, etc.) or any other right or obligation Similar, whether registered or unregistered, or any other industrial or intellectual property right that exists in any region or jurisdiction in the world. “Platforms” means the website or websites, applications, tools, platforms and / or other devices of or its subsidiaries and business partners on which or where the service is provided. “Service” means's online accommodation reservation system through which accommodations can announce the availability of their rooms for reservation, and through which guests can make reservations in those accommodations.

2. Obligations of the place of residence 1.2 Information of the place of residence 1.1.2 The information provided by the accommodations for inclusion in the statutes includes information about the place of residence (including photos, photographs and descriptions), amenities, rooms and services provided by the accommodation, the rooms provided for the reservation, rooms available for reservation, and the rooms available for the reservation. Availability, Cancellation, No-Show and other policies and restrictions (“Residence Information”) are in accordance with the formulas and standards provided by The information of the place of residence shall not include any phone or fax numbers, e-mail addresses (including Skype), or social media sites (including Twitter and Facebook) with direct references to the place of residence or its websites or websites. Or other devices, or Internet sites, applications, tools, platforms, or other third-party devices. reserves the right to edit or exclude any information when it becomes aware that such information is incorrect, incomplete, or in violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement. 2.1.2 The Place of Residence warrants and undertakes that the Residence Information is true, accurate and not misleading at all times. The place of residence is responsible at all times for providing a correct and up-to-date statement of information, including additional availability of rooms for a certain period or any exceptional events or situations (having an adverse material impact) (such as: a refurbishment or works with it). The place of residence updates the hotel information on a daily basis (or on a more frequent basis as required) and the following may be changed at any time via the extranet: (1) the price of its available, bookable rooms, and (2) the price of its available, bookable rooms. 3.1.2 The information provided by the place of residence to the basic systems remains the exclusive property of the place of residence. The information provided by the place of residence may be edited or modified by, and may be subsequently translated into other languages; The translations remain the exclusive property of The edited or translated content is for the exclusive use by on the platforms and is not used (in any way or shape) by the place of residence for any distribution channel, other sales, or any other purpose. Changes or updates are not permitted to the hotel's descriptive information, unless prior written consent is obtained from. 4.1.2 Unless otherwise agreed by, all changes to the hotel information, updates and / or modifications (including rates, availability and rooms) will be made by the place of residence directly and on the Internet via the Internet or any other city2date. com reasonably well. will handle as soon as reasonably possible updates and changes in relation to images, photos and descriptions. 2.2 Parity and room constraints 1.2.2 The Place of Residence shall provide with Equivalence of Price and Availability (the “Equivalence”). Equivalent prices mean that the prices are equal or better for the same place of residence, for the same type of room, for the same dates, for the same number of guests, the same facilities and extras, or better (for example: breakfast, waffle service, or better accommodation). Reservations are as available on the accommodation website, applications, or call centers (including the customer reservations system), or directly in the place of residence with any of's competitors (which includes an online agent or broker other than the internet). / Or any third party (on the Internet or other than the Internet) with which a partnership has a partnership with the place of residence, or is related or related to it in any other way. Price parity does not apply in relation to rates targeting a closed group of users (the “closed user group”) is a set of specific restrictions where the membership is not automatic and where: (i) Consumers actively choose to become members. (ii) Any online or mobile user interface used by a closed group of members that is password protected. (iii) The members of the closed user group have completed the customer's personal file. (iv) Any price that has been displayed or made available for at least one pre-reservation for a consumer as a member of a closed user group. Provided that these prices are not announced and made (available) (directly or indirectly). If not present

Advertised prices for a closed group of users (direct or indirect) (making) available (via the place of residence, or a company competing with, directly / indirectly, or by searches for (i.e., articles) to a third party). (Descriptive) or price comparison websites), is entitled to a price equal to that price. Equivalence of availability means that the place of residence will provide with availability (ex: rooms available for reservation on the platform) that are at least as suitable as those provided with or without's competitors (including any ) And / or any other third party (Internet or non-Internet) who is a business partner related or related to the place of residence in any way. 2.2.2 Restrictions and conditions for rooms available for reservation are shown on the platform (including room rate) and must always comply with Clause 1.2.2 and be understandable to all interested parties (including consumers). 3.2.2 shall have the right to grant a discount on the room rate - from its own expense up to the commission level - to members of its user group. 4.2.2 Based on the substance of this Agreement and a commitment at all times to the equal availability stipulated in paragraph 1.2.2, the accommodation is encouraged to provide a fair share of all classes of rooms in favor of (including policies and accommodation) in favor of (including these policies and accommodation). The agreement (during periods of low and high demand), including during conferences, exhibitions and special events. 3.2 Commission 1.3.2 For every reservation made by a guest for a room on the statutes, the place of residence is required to pay a commission to (the “commission”) calculated in accordance with clause 2.3.2. The payment will be made in accordance with clause 4.2. 2.3.2 The total commission for each reservation is equal to the product (i) The number of nights the inmate spent at the place of residence, (ii) The reservation price for each room for one night (including value added tax, sales taxes, and any other local, state, regional, state, municipal, or internal taxes (“taxes”)) and any taxes. Included in the price quoted at the time the room was booked by a guest on the basic systems (such as breakfasts, meals (half board or full board), bicycle rental, early check-in / early check-in fees, early check-in fees, early check-in fees, etc. Theater tickets, service fees, etc.), (iii) The number of rooms booked by the guest, (iv) The percentage of the relevant commission stipulated in the agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, will calculate the commission in the event that the guest does not show up or cancellation in accordance with clause 8.4.4, in all other cases the commission will be charged in the event of excessive reservations or failure to make a reservation (unless has made a reservation after the hotel has not made a reservation. Relevant within two working days after the arrival date of the guest) or a paid cancellation (cancellation in violation of the free cancellation policy of the place of residence) is calculated according to the confirmed reservation. 3.3.2 Unless otherwise agreed in the agreement, the price offered to guests on the statutes shall be inclusive of value-added tax, sales tax, expenditures, and all taxes, state, fees, expenditures, or other taxes (local, regional, or state). ) (To the extent that it is permissible to calculate such taxes, duties and other taxes in advance and reasonably without additional information). 4.3.2 In the event that the price must be presented to the guests, including the value-added tax, the sales tax, and all other taxes, fees, and taxes (local, governmental, regional, or specific to a state, municipality, or local), in accordance with his agreement with (the amendment). In accordance with the laws applicable to the place of residence, the place of residence shall amend the prices via the e-mail in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 2-1-2 and 4-1-2 as soon as possible, but in any case within 5 working days after

(1) Amendment and agreement to implement the relevant law, and the rules and laws applicable in this regard to such place of residence or (2) Notice of this has been sent by 2.3.5 Data for all reservations made at the place of residence on the e-mail are displayed through the corresponding statutes and commission. On the first day of each month, a statement of reservations made on the Internet (“Statement of Reservations on the Internet”) is available on the e-mail and displays all of the reservations for all the guests whose departure date falls in the previous month. 4.2 Repayment of commission 2.4.1 Issuance of a commission bill for bookings made in a calendar month that includes the guest's (specified) departure date for that month (excluding unrestricted cancellations made on the check-in payment made via and in accordance with the cancellation policy) The following: (A) The bills are processed on a monthly basis and sent to the place of residence via mail, fax or e-mail. (B) The place of residence shall pay the commission mentioned in the invoice for one month within 14 days of the date of the invoice. (C) Payment must be made by the place of residence directly to via direct debit, or the absence of this banking system from the bank from which the payment is made, by wire transfer) to the concerned bank ( as specified. Or as long as the place of residence uses payment collection services by in accordance with clause 4.4, and for the avoidance of doubt, is unable to deal with other payment methods (such as checks or “payment agencies”) which are therefore not acceptable. Banks in exchange for money transfer. (D) All amounts of commission to be paid in accordance with this Agreement shall be paid with pure funds, without any deduction or compensation, free and free from and without deduction of or in consideration of any taxes, fees, imports, revenues, expenditures, and fees. Financial. If the Place of Residence is to make such a deduction or deduction, it pays any additional funds necessary to ensure receives the full (net) amount as specified on's invoice. The place of residence is responsible and liable for the payment or transfer of any taxes, imports, revenues, expenses, fees and deductions in excess or in excess of the (net) commission amount owed to on the hotel. (E) The hotel must pay the commission / bills issued monthly in the appropriate currency or according to the exchange rate - if possible and equivalent to the original invoice. is responsible for preparing invoices in either internationally traded currencies (such as the Euro / Dollar) or the local currency, after which the equivalent of the same final amount is converted into the local currencies or the currencies prevailing on the basis of the other exchange rate, such as the exchange rate. The day of departure. The exchange rate used is the interbank rate (Until the closing time at 4:00 EST) issued by the major international financial banks or major banking services companies from a time of his choosing. 2.4.2 The place of residence is responsible for withholding or reporting related taxes (mentioned above in Clause 2.4.1 under Paragraph d) applies to's commission accrual according to the relevant tax rules, practices and requests of the tax authorities. The place of residence bears responsibility for the payment and financial transfers of the taxes imposed on commission (payments) and the associated benefits as a result of late payment and the penalties imposed by the tax authority due to the inability to tax or withhold. Where necessary, the place of residence will be solely responsible for negotiating and agreeing with the relevant tax authorities regarding transactions on commission (payments). The place of residence will be required to provide upon's first request with copies (photo / scan) of tax payment certificates / tax exemption certificates for each transfer of commission. The place of residence submits the documents on registration with all relevant tax authorities (including the legal (local) authorities to collect the applicable local revenues) as a hotel provider, place of residence, etc. ..

In the event of any dispute between and the place of residence (such as disagreement over the amount of the commission), any amount of commission that is not disputed shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, regardless of the status or nature of the dispute. 2.44 In the event of a payment delay, reserves the right to claim legal interest and / or suspend service under the agreement. (For example, suspending the participation of the place of residence in the basic systems), and / or requesting a bank guarantee or any other form of financial guarantee from the place of residence. 2.4.5 The place of residence pays a deposit equal to the amount stated in the place of residence agreement (the “deposit”). If no such amount is agreed upon, the place of residence must pay - upon prior written request from - a deposit of us in an amount equal to a two-month commission (to be determined at's discretion), and this amount will be considered. We keep the deposit as a guarantee that the place of residence will fulfill its (payment) obligations under the agreement. Upon the termination of this agreement, the bond or any balance thereof after deducting the due commission, deficit amounts and other costs owed to (this balance shall be paid at all times during the period of this agreement based on's request upon request. 30 days after full settlement of accrued liabilities and liabilities (including accrued commission) .Based on's prior written request, the place of residence pays another deposit of the additional amount that requests if the overpayment is increased if increases In paying the commission when it is due The amount of the deposit does not in any way lead to the limitation of the liability of the place of residence or its cancellation according to this document, and no interest shall be imposed on the deposit. 2.5 Reservation, guest reservation, complaints and best price guarantee 2.5.1 When the reservation has been made by the guest on the platform, the place of residence will receive a confirmation letter for each reservation made on The confirmation of the reservation will include the date of arrival, the number of nights and the room type (including preference) and room type (including preference). Address and credit card information (generally “guest data”) and specific request (s) made by the guest. is not responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information (including credit card details and the dates of the guest's credit) and dates made by the guest. .com is not responsible for any payment obligations related to the reservation (online) of the guest. For the avoidance of doubt, the place of residence is required to regularly check and verify (at least on a daily basis) the extranet (state) of the reservation made. 2.5.2 When making a reservation through the basic systems, a direct contract (and therefore a legal relationship) will be made individually between the place of residence and the guest (“guest reservation”). 2.5.3 The place of residence is obligated to accept the guest as a contracting party, to handle the reservation online and confirm the reservation (including price) in accordance with the place of residence information contained in the statutes at the time of making the reservation, including any information / supplementary information. 2.5.4 Other than the additional fees and charges and (additional) expenses mentioned in the confirmed reservation, the place of residence does not charge the customer any fees or handling / administrative expenses for the use of any means of payment (such as credit card fees). 2.5.5 The place of residence deals with complaints and claims regarding (products or services offered, transferred or provided by) the place of residence or special requests made by guests, without any mediation or interference from does not ask and disclaims any liability in relation to such claims by guests. may, at all times and of its own free will, (A) Provide customer service (support) to a guest, or (B) Mediating between the place of residence and the inmate, or (C) Providing alternative accommodation - at the expense of the place of residence - of equal or better standards in the event of an increase in the reservation, material irregularities or complaints regarding the place of residence, or (D) Assisting the inmate in another way in his communication with the place of residence or in taking an action against him. 2.5.6 In the event of any legal claim of the guest under the Best Price Guarantee, will immediately notify the place of residence of such claim and provide the place of residence with the relevant details of the claim. The place of residence shall be immediately modified - and to the extent permissible - the price or

The rates are available on the platforms, so that a lower rate is available for other reservations or reservations. In addition, the place of residence shall immediately amend in its administrative information the price of the reservation made by the guest. Upon checking out the guest, the place of residence will display the room at the lowest price, and (1) It settles the difference between the reservation price and the lower price, by charging the guest with the lower price, or (2) The difference between the two prices shall be refunded to the guest. 2.6 Increase in reservations and cancellations 2.6.1 The place of residence provides reserved rooms, and if the place of residence is unable to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement for any reason, the relevant place of residence shall inform immediately through Customer Service. (customer.service @; There is an “increase in reservations” indicated in the subject of each e-mail. Except in the event provides an alternative accommodation (to be verified by the place of residence with, the place of residence will make every effort to take alternative measures of equal quality, or better, at the expense of the place of residence and in the event of no expense. Place of residence include the following: (A) Finding a suitable alternative accommodation with the same level of residence that is responsible for the guaranteed reservation of the inmate or better. (B) Providing free, private transportation to the alternate place of residence for the inmate and his members, whose names are mentioned in the reservation confirmation letter. (C) reimburse and / or the guest for all reasonable costs and expenses (eg the cost of alternative accommodation, transportation, phone calls) incurred, suffered by, or paid for by the guest and / or due to a reservation. Any amount charged by in this respect must be made within 14 days of the receipt of the invoice. 2.6.2 The place of residence is not permitted to cancel any reservation online. 2.6.3 No commission is charged on guest cancellations made before the time and date after which a cancellation fee is charged. A commission is levied in accordance with the provisions of this agreement on cancellations made by guests after the time and date after which the cancellation fee is imposed. 2.7 Credit Card Guarantee 2.7.1 The reservation guarantee is based on credit card details provided by the guest or the person in charge of the reservation. The property must at all times accept major credit cards (including MasterCard, Visa and American Express) as security for the reservation. The place of residence is responsible for verifying the validity of these credit card details, authorization (prior) of the credit card and the credit limit on the date of the reserved stay or nights. After receiving a reservation, the place of residence immediately verifies the validity of the pre-authorization of the credit card. If the credit card does not provide any guarantee, the place of residence immediately notifies, which will subsequently invite the guest to provide a guarantee for the reservation in another way. If the guest is unable or unwilling to do so, may cancel the reservation upon request of the place of residence. If the credit card (or any alternative guarantee provided by the inmate) is not valid or valid for any reason, the place of residence always bears the consequence of that and the liability arising therefrom. No commission shall be charged for reservations canceled by in accordance with this clause 2.7.1. 2.7.2 The place of residence that wishes to deduct the amounts from the credit card prior to the date of entry must ensure an explanation of the pre-payment terms (including the (private) price restrictions and the information and terms and conditions that are related to or related to such. To the guest before making a reservation, and to appear in the location information. 2.7.3 The place of residence shall be responsible for collecting the non-attendance, actual stay or cancellation fee paid from the guest (including taxes imposed on which the place of residence is asked and forwards it to the relevant tax authorities). Amounts are deducted from credit cards in the same currency as specified in the reservation made by the guest. To the extent this is permitted, the place of residence may debit the guest's credit card in a different currency at a reasonable and fair exchange rate. 2.7.4 If viewing rooms by cash only, will not provide credit card details of the place of residence as a guarantee of the reservation.

2.8 Protect credit card information 2.8.1 Every location must establish compliance and ensure that all service providers always comply with it, with the requirements, compliance standards and verification processes as previously defined in the data protection standards of the other card cards and data protection standards. . 2.8.2 The place of residence acknowledges its responsibility to protect the data of the credit card holder in the context of this agreement and acknowledges its responsibility to protect the data of the credit card holder for the data it processes in the context of this agreement. 2.9 Direct Marketing to Guests The property agrees not to specifically target guests it obtained through, whether via promotions or unwanted or unwanted online or offline offers. 2.10 Extranet provides the property with a user ID and password that allow the property to log on to the extranet. The place of residence protects the user ID and password, keeps them confidential, stores them in a safe place, and does not disclose them to anyone other than those who need access to the extranet. The place of residence shall immediately notify of any (suspected) breach of security or improper use. 2.11 A Forceful Event In the event of a force majeure event, the place of residence will not deduct any money from the inmates (and will refund to them what they have paid (if required) who were affected by the force majeure (any fees, costs, expenses or other amounts) and other amounts (and other amounts). Fee (change) reservation or cancellation) for the following: (1) Any cancellation or change of reservation made by the inmates, or (2) The retention period is not exhausted, due to the forced event. In the event of justified and justified suspicion, the property has the right to require guests to provide clear evidence of the relationship between the force majeure and the cancellation, non-execution or change of reservation (and to provide a copy of this guide to upon request). In order for to record any cancellation, non-implementation or modification of the reservation due to the forced event, the place of residence must notify within two business days after (A) Scheduled departure date for cancellation or no-show, or (B) Departure calculation, the number of actual days of residence. will not charge any fees in the event of registered non-attendance, registered cancellation, or for the registered non-exhaustive period of reservation due to a force majeure. 3. License 3.1 The place of residence hereby grants the right and license (or sub-license as applicable) non-exclusive, without privileges, and worldwide to do the following: (A) The use of intellectual property rights elements of the place agreed residence upon and submitted to by place of residence and extraction and the use of third parties to extract, distribute, sublicense, publish and make available in any way and presented in accordance with this Convention, and necessary for the company to direct their rights and fulfill their obligations under this Agreement . (B) Use, extract, and use third-party information to extract, distribute, sub-license, display, and exploit the information of the place of residence (including, but not limited to, reproduce, aggregate, adapt, publicly, modify, adapt, and adapt it. 3.2 may sublicense information of the place of residence (including relevant intellectual property rights) and special offers available from the place of residence on the articles of association, and all rights and other licenses stipulated in this Agreement (signed and signed by this agreement). Internet, applications, tools, or other devices) affiliated companies and / or third parties (“third-party platforms”) or in cooperation with them.

3.3 shall not be liable in any way towards the place of residence for any act or omission on the part of any third party websites. The only remedy to which the place of residence is entitled in respect of these third-party websites is's claim (which has the right and is not under any obligation) of the following: (1) This third-party website is disabled or disconnected from it, or (2) Removing the place of residence (including the information of the place of residence) from this third-party website, or terminating this agreement, provided that all of this is in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. 4. Ranking, guest opinions, marketing and payment collection services with 4.1 Classification 4.1.1 automatically and unilaterally determines the order in which the place of residence is located on the statutes (“the Classification”). The classification is based on and influenced by several factors, including - but not limited to - the percentage of commission paid (or to be paid) by the place of residence, the minimum availability determined by the place of residence, the minimum availability determined by the place of residence, and the minimum availability determined by the place of residence. On the basic systems (“referral”), volume available at the place of residence, percentage of cancellations, scoring guest reviews, customer service history, number and type of guest complaints, and the place of residence record of the payments made. 4.1.2 The place of residence can influence its ranking by changing commission percentage and availability for certain periods of time, and improving other factors on a continuous basis. The place of residence should not make any claim against regarding the accommodation classification; The classification system works automatically. 4.2 Guest reviews 4.2.1 Inmates who have resided at the place of residence will be required to express their opinion of the place of residence and to be given specific marks regarding their stay. 4.2.2 reserves the right to post these comments and ratings on major platforms. The place of residence acknowledges that is a distributor (without obligation to verify) and not a publisher of these comments. 4.2.3 pledges to use its best efforts in following up and reviewing the opinions of its residents regarding the use of profanity or the mention of names of persons. reserves the right to reject, amend and delete inappropriate comments if they include negative language or name of persons. 4.2.4 will not enter into any discussions, negotiations or correspondence with the place of residence about (the content or consequences related to the publication and distribution) of the guest's opinions. 4.2.5 does not assume any responsibility and disclaims all responsibility for the content and consequences (publication or distribution) of any of the comments or comments whatsoever. 4.2.6 Guest reviews are used exclusively by and may be made available on the platforms from time to time via. reserves all exclusive property rights and the right to ownership and use (all intellectual property rights) for guest comments and the place of residence may not (directly or indirectly) publish, market, or promote (directly or indirectly). Obtain or take advantage of, mix in, or share or use guest comments without our prior written consent. 4.3 Marketing (electronic) and pay-per-click advertising 4.3.1 reserves the right to support the place of residence using the name or names of the place of residence with electronic marketing, including marketing via email and / or pay-per-click advertising. runs electronic marketing campaigns at its own expense and at its disposal.

4.3.2 That the place of residence is aware of the working methods of the search engines, such as content spreadsheets and the order of email addresses. agrees that if the place of residence becomes aware of the conduct of third-party systems that infringes the rights of the place of intellectual residence, then the place of residence will notify in writing with the details of the action and will use the action. It takes appropriate action to remedy the violation. 4.3.3 The place of residence agrees not to specifically target the trademark directly via keyword purchases that exploit the intellectual property rights of. 4.4 Collection Services by 4.4.1 The place of residence agrees and acknowledges that may - from time to time, and in certain jurisdictions and for certain places of residence - offer and facilitate (alternative) means of payment (administered by or a third party) (all of the “payment services”). (“ to pay (a pre-deposit / deposit) the room price (as defined below) by the guests through a third party payment processor (as of time to time managed by, and the related party who is referring to it” Payment “) to the place of residence according to the payment made through bank transfer, credit card payments, or any other form of online payment that is processed through the payment platform of the payment processor for a time or a term. 4.4.2 The place of residence agrees and acknowledges that for each reservation the total amount related to the reservation (including taxes, applicable fees, additions and attachments made or included during the reservation process (example: breakfast) from the reservation process (example: breakfast) to the boundary of the reservation. (Unless otherwise indicated for, it will be collected and processed by the payment processor (the relevant amount referred to as “room rate”) in accordance with the payment policy in effect at the place of residence for the relevant reservation and disclosed on the relevant reservation. 4.4.3 The place of residence agrees and acknowledges that may from time to time use and benefit from cash collection services (including payment methods (online) such as virtual credit cards) for (i) credit cards (i). ) For the room rate by the guest to the place of residence via the payment processor and (ii) Settlement and payment of dues and unpaid commission by way of payment of dues, commission and other amounts payable by the place of residence to (including fees and costs for collection, transportation, transfer and payment of the relevant amounts) At any time via the payment processor. As long as there are sufficient funds to settle and pay the amounts owed to, may collect the relevant amounts via direct debit (if any). Or, the place of residence must at's request make the relevant amount to the bank account from time to time as determined by 4.4.4 The place of residence agrees and acknowledges that - at any time - it is responsible for the collection, transfer, withholding and payment of the relevant (tax) authorities (if any) regarding the related taxes, (additional) costs, withdrawals, charges, additions, amounts, and fees that are not posted Found) for commission-related taxes to the relevant tax authorities. Unless indicates specific taxes, fees, additional costs (example: breakfast) or any other amounts not included in the room rate (“excluded items”), the property may not collect or collect the sum of the amount. The room (excluding excluded items (if any)).

4.4.5 In order to transfer the relevant amount collected (after deduction and clearing for dues and unpaid commission in favor of, the place of residence must provide with the relevant bank information on which the relevant amounts will be transferred. The payment of the relevant room rate collected must be made within two weeks prior to the arrival of the relevant room rate reservation (the “payment date”) or a subsequent date to be paid if the full amount is not collected. It shall be made within 5 business days of receipt of the total amount of the room rate (unless otherwise indicated before) The place of residence acknowledges that the first payment should be made only upon the execution of the first reservation. Any time may be made at any time. Suspending payment without notifications in the event (allegation or suspicion) of fraud (credit card), fraud or breach of the terms of the contract. Others, there may be differences between the room rate (as managed in the system by the place of residence), the amount collected and the amount paid to the place of residence. And banks to collect and transfer money, and to process the payment and reimbursement process and transferring the room rate. Amounts deposited by the payment processor or any third party to the place of residence or on his behalf will not accrue interest. 4.4.6 In the event of a fee collection / re-charge or unsuccessful fee collection process or a collection (total or part of) the room rate (which should be the responsibility and responsibility of the place of residence), may benefit from The guest is asked to provide alternative means of payment. If the guest is not able or unwilling to do so or in the event of a refund, reserves the right to: (A) Cancellation of the reservation and consequently the immediate notification of the place of residence, or (B) Notifying the place of residence and canceling the reservation upon request of the place of residence. In the event of cancellation, commission will be charged in accordance with clause 4.4.8. The place of residence agrees and acknowledges that can benefit from reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the room rate is collected in accordance with the relevant payment policy in connection with the reservation. For any obligation whatsoever to collect (in or outside court) or pay the room rate (or any interest or charge fees) as long as the amount (the total or part thereof) is not successfully collected by the payment processor when making the reservation or any payment. Remaining amount is subject to (prepayment) policy available (if any). Any failure to collect the sums, or any return of sums or re-collecting sums (total or part of them) from the room price (each “payment issue”) must be the responsibility of him in the place of residence and in the event of issuing the payment Claiming payments (for the remainder) of the room rate in favor of or the payment processor. As long as the guest makes a refund, or if is required by law, court order, instructions, or (quasi) government orders, or arbitration decisions (or similar rulings), a summons or a cancellation policy to make a refund or a charge-back action. reserves the right to request from the place of residence to refund the amount paid (repaid) to the guest (as received by the place of residence). 4.4.7 As long as the place of residence agrees to a total refund or part of the non-refundable room rate (or part thereof), has the right to settle the relevant amount in the guest's favor with other sums collected by or through the payment processor - Place of Residence and Approved by - The relevant amount must be paid and transferred to within 14 days after approval. 4.4.8 If the guest does not show up or in the event of cancellation, is entitled to charge a commission on the relevant amount related to the room rate collected and transferred in favor of the place of residence. In the case of excess bookings, the commission will be calculated in accordance with clause 2.3.2. 4.4.9 The place of residence may issue an invoice to the guest only for the total amount of the reservation (this invoice shall be made upon the guest's request) for the total amount of the reservation (including the surcharge or surcharge (as required by applicable laws). The place of residence is not entitled to invoice (or bill) for reservations or accommodations.

5. Confirmations and warranties 5.1 The Place of Residence confirms and warrants the following to during the term of this Agreement: (1) The place of residence has all the rights, powers and powers to use, operate and own (as applicable) intellectual property rights and sublicense them, and has made it available on the statutes. (A) Relevant place of residence (B) Intellectual property rights in relation to the information of the place of residence available on the articles of association or as provided or referred to therein. (2) The place of residence shall comply with all governmental permits, licenses, and other authorizations necessary to conduct, implement and continue its operations and business, and make the place of residence available for reservation on the basic systems (including residency). (3) The room price advertised on the articles of association shall be the same as the best available price for an equivalent accommodation in the concerned place of residence, and a better rate shall not be obtained from a guest who has made a reservation at the place of residence, directly or through a third party. Others. (4) The place of residence and its administration (direct, indirect and final) and the owners (beneficiaries) (and the managers) do not come into contact in any way, or are part of or related to, or related to, or are subject to control, management or control: (A) Terrorists or terrorist organizations. (B) Parties / persons as mentioned (especially) citizens of specific nationalities / entities or prohibited person / entity, or subject to trade embargo or financial, economic or commercial sanctions. (C) Parties / persons convicted of money laundering, bribery, fraud or corruption. The place of residence shall immediately notify if Clause 5.1 of Clause is breached. (4) 5.2 Each party affirms and guarantees the following for the other party during the term of this Agreement: (1) It has full authority and authority to agree to and carry out obligations under this Agreement. (2) That he has taken all the legal measures required by him to authorize the implementation and fulfillment of this agreement. (3) This Agreement constitutes legally enforceable and binding obligations for this party in accordance with its provisions. (4) Each party shall comply with all laws, codes, regulations, orders, and rules of the country, state, or local council by which the relevant party has been established by law in relation to the products offered by (or to be offered) and / or (the services offered) and / or the services offered. . 5.3 Except as expressly provided otherwise in this agreement, no party makes any express or implied representations or warranties regarding the subject matter of this agreement, and it disclaims its liability for the guarantees of any implied warranties in this document. In the marketplace or appropriate for a specific purpose in relation to such a subject. 5.4 disclaims all liability and disclaims all liability in respect of the place of residence related to any disruption, interruption of service, interruption or unavailability (temporary and / or partial) of the basic systems, service, and / or ext. provides service, business platform and extranet on an "as available" and "as available" basis.

6. Compensation and liabilities 6.1 Each party (“the party paying compensation”) bears the liability towards the other party (“the party receiving compensation”), indemnifies and pays for it and protects it against any damage or loss or loss (excluding any loss, loss, or loss of product or product (excluding any loss or loss of product or loss). , Or the loss of a claim or any special, indirect or consequential loss and / or damages), responsibilities, obligations, costs, claims of any kind, interest, fines, expenses for legal actions or expenses, and direct legal actions (including - for example - for example) Actually compensation recipient, incurred, or incurred compensation as a result: (1) A violation of this Agreement by the party paying the compensation. (2) Any claim by any third party based on any (alleged) breach of compensation on the part of the third party payer of the intellectual property rights of the third party. 6.2 The place of residence indemnifies (or its directors, officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries or contractors) and remunerates it and prevents harm completely from and against any liability, expense, or expense in that - in respect of - in respect of - any obligations, expenses, or expenses thereof. Reasonable attorney fees and expenses), damages, losses, duties and claims of any kind, benefits, penalties and legal action expenses paid by, incurred or incurred by in respect of: (1) All claims made by inmates regarding inaccurate, false or misleading information about the place of residence on the platforms. (2) All claims made by guests regarding accommodations in the place of residence, over-acceptance of reservations, (partial) cancellations, false reservations, interest-paying, refunds, or room rate rebates. (3) To the extent that any claims under or according to the best price guarantee have not been settled between the inmate and the place of residence when the guest is registered (by paying the lower price) and all the claims filed by the inmates regarding the best price guarantee have not been settled. (4) All other claims by inmates that are totally or partly attributable to the risk or discretion of the place of residence (including claims regarding (lack) the services rendered or the product offered by the place of residence) or that arise from, or which are related to, the services rendered or the product offered by the place of residence). Deliberate, negligence, or breach of contract (including inmate seizure) by the place of residence or because of him in relation to the inmate or his property. (5) All claims against regarding or as a result of the residence’s failure to collect - or its failure to pay - any taxes, fees, or additional or existing costs in connection with these services or other expenses. Including room rate and commission payment). 6.3 With the exception of what is otherwise provided for in this Agreement, the minimum liability of a party towards any other party for the entirety of all claims against such party under this agreement or in relation to it in a year does not exceed. The party paid or paid it in the previous year or € 100,000 (whichever is greater), unless there is damage, fraud, willful misconduct, gross negligence, intentional size of the information, or intentional deception on the part of the responsible party; Whereas, in this case, the limit of liability for such a responsible party shall not apply. The two parties agree and acknowledge that none of the limitations of liability referred to in Paragraph 6 shall apply to any of the compensation in respect of third-party claims (such as claims from inmates as described in Paragraph 2-6 or the responsibilities of the third party. 6.4 In the event a claim is filed by a third party, the parties shall act in good faith and use their best efforts to consult with each other, cooperate with him and assist him in defending any claim against such claim and / or settling it in order to settle it. In consultation and agreement with the party receiving the compensation and taking into account the interests of both parties in an appropriate manner), neither party may submit any recognition or deposit any papers or agree to restrict any judgment or participate in any compromise or settlement without compromise. He fails to do so, or delays it, or sets conditions for it without a reasonable cause). 6.5 Neither party shall be liable in any way towards the other party for any indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages or losses, including product loss, loss of profit, loss of profit or loss of a contract or loss of interest or loss of contract or loss. , Or a loss of a claim, whether such damages are alleged to be due to a breach of contract or due to damage or otherwise. Waiver of such damages and losses and the disclaimer of liability for them are expressly provided in this document.

6.6 Each party acknowledges that legal measures may not be sufficient to protect the other party from any violation of this agreement, and without prejudice to any other rights and measures delayed in any other way by the other party, each party shall be entitled to obtain judicial compensation and compensation. 7. Term, termination and suspension 7.1 Unless otherwise agreed, this Agreement shall enter into force on the date of this document and shall remain in force for a period of one year, unless terminated by any party with due observance by taking a notice period 14 extending it. After the one-year period, this agreement will continue thereafter for an unspecified period of time until terminated by one of the parties, provided written notice is sent within at least 14 days to the other party. 7.2 Each party may terminate or suspend this agreement with respect to the other party, with immediate effect and without the need for notice of breach in the event: (A) The other party has committed a material breach of any of the provisions of this agreement (such as delaying payment, failure to pay a debt, violation of the equal price guarantee, providing incorrect information, or receiving a large number of guest complaints). (B) (Filing or ordering) bankruptcy or suspension of payment (or similar action or event) in respect of the other party. 7.3 After termination, the place of residence shall fulfill the reservations owed to the inmates and shall pay all commissions (plus interest if any) due on these reservations in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. 7.4 The following cases in any case are considered a material breach and give the right to terminate (close) or suspend the agreement immediately (without prior notice): (i) The failure of the place of residence to pay commissions on or before the due date. (ii) Incorrect or misleading publication of the place of residence on the e-mail. (iii) Failure of the place of residence to manage the information on the online, which leads to the excessive acceptance of reservations at the place of residence. (iv) Failure of the place of residence to accept a reservation at the rate shown for the reservation. (v) The high price being charged for the place of residence from one or more guests. (vi) Deduction of the place of residence from a guest's credit card prior to the arrival of the guest without any express consent of the guest (whereby the guest gives explicit consent if he chooses a room type that is not refundable or bought in advance). (vii) receives a legal or serious complaint from one or more guests who have made reservations at the place of residence. (viii) Misuse of processing inmates ’opinions with any behavior that leads to the emergence of an opinion on websites that does not honestly express the actual residency of an actual inmate at the place of residence. (ix) Demonstrating inappropriate or unprofessional behavior towards guests or employees. (x) Refusal of the place of residence to agree to any reasonable review of any provision of this agreement. (xi) any safety, privacy, or health issues or problems in relation to the place of residence or its facilities (the place of residence and at its own expense and upon request by to send certificates, licenses or certificates to And the applicable legislations on (privacy, safety and health). 7.5 Upon termination, and except as otherwise provided, this agreement shall be terminated completely and completely in respect of the terminating party, and its validity shall cease without prejudice to the rights and indemnities of the other party in relation to it (i.e., your compensation). Clauses 6, 8, 9, and 10 shall remain in effect after termination.

8 Books and records 8.1's systems, books and records (including an email, statement of Internet reservations and / or faxes and / or emails) are permanent evidence of the existence and receipt of the reservations for the location of - and receipt of Cityday reservations. .com, the place of residence under this Agreement, unless the place of residence is able to provide reasonable and reliable counter evidence. 8.2 The place of residence shall upon request from fully cooperate and assist regarding (and disclose all reasonably required information regarding) the identity of the owner, manager and / or controller of the (primary) place of residence. 9. Confidentiality 9.1 The two parties understand and agree that by implementing this Agreement, each party may access and be informed of the other party's confidential information, directly or indirectly (“confidential information”). Confidential information includes customer data, transaction volume, marketing plans, projects, commercial, financial, technical, operational information and other information not available to the public that the disclosure party clearly shows or declares as private or confidential information, or which the party should disclose. 9.2 Each party agrees that: (A) All confidential information remains the exclusive property of the disclosure party, and the receiving party shall not use any of the confidential information for any purpose other than to reinforce this agreement. (B) To maintain confidential information and use foresighted means to hold his employees, officials, representatives, parties and contracting agents (“authorized persons”) to maintain the confidentiality and concealment of confidential information. (C) Not to disclose confidential information except to authorized persons who need access to such information in furtherance of this agreement. (D) Not to use or use prudent means to ensure that authorized persons do not copy, publish, disclose, or use confidential information to others (provisions outside the framework of this document). (E) To return or destroy all (paper and software copies of) confidential information upon a written request from the other party. 9.3 Regardless of the foregoing (A) Confidential information does not include any information to the extent that: (1) It is or becomes part of public property without any act or omission on the part of the receiving party. (2) It was in the possession of the recipient party prior to the date of this contract. (3) It was disclosed to the receiving party by a third party that has no obligation to confidentiality in relation to it. (4) It must be disclosed according to a law, a court order, a judicial order, or a governmental authority. (B) Nothing in this agreement prevents, limits, or restricts any party from disclosing the agreement (including any technical, operational and financial data (excluding customer data)) to a subsidiary that is under the control or control of the related party (or considered a company Any other entity is controlling another if it owns or controls fifty percent (50%) of the voting shares or other ownership of the company or entity). 9.4 The two parties shall make commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of customer data and protect them from unauthorized use or disclosure. When processing personal data and protecting privacy.

10. Miscellaneous provisions 10.1 No party shall be entitled to waive, transfer, or impose burdens on any of its rights and / or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the other party, provided that he / she and may assign any of its rights to Or transferring or imposing a burden on it (in whole, in part or from time to time) to a subsidiary company without the prior written consent of the place of residence. Any assignment or transfer by the place of residence does not relieve the assignor of his obligations under the agreement. 10.2 All notifications and correspondence must be in writing and in the English language and sent by e-mail, fax, or locally approved express air mail service to the fax number or the appropriate address stipulated in this agreement. 10.3 This Agreement (including the tables, annexes and attachments, which are an integral part of this Agreement) constitutes a complete agreement and understanding of the two parties regarding its subject matter, and supersedes and supersedes all agreements (or agreements), and cancels all agreements, agreements, or agreements. Or data on such a subject (including the equivalent for the place of residence). 10.4 If any of the provisions of this agreement are not valid or not binding, or if it becomes so, the two parties shall remain bound by all the other provisions thereof. In this case, the two parties shall replace the non-valid or non-binding text with valid or binding provisions, and these texts shall have - to the greatest possible extent - the same effect as the non-valid or non-binding text, taking into account the contents and purpose of this agreement. 10.5 Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, this Agreement shall be governed and construed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the exception of what is otherwise stipulated in this agreement, any disputes arising from or in relation to this agreement or in relation to it shall be submitted and dealt with exclusively to the competent court in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 10.6 The parties agree and acknowledge that, regardless of this Paragraph 5-10, nothing in this Agreement precludes or limits's right to raise or bring any claim, take legal action, or claim legal damages (or legal action) or claim (judicial or redress). Or in any specialized courts where the place of residence is established or registered under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction in which the place of residence is established or registered therein, and for this purpose, the place of residence waives the right to claim any other jurisdiction or any other jurisdiction. Hereby. 10.7 The original Arabic version of these provisions may be translated into other languages. The translated version of the English judgments is only a kind of facilitation and does not go beyond being a written translation. The place of residence may not derive any rights from the translated version. In the event of any disagreement regarding the content or translation of the terms and provisions of this agreement, or in the event of a problem, ambiguity, contradiction or inconsistency between the Arabic version and the other language version of these provisions, the application, binding, prevalence and supremacy shall be the Arabic version. The Arabic version must be used in legal proceedings. The English version is available at 10.8 In relation to (or as a decision to) execution, fulfillment, closure, registration, file keeping and / or execution, performance or execution pursuant to or by agreement, on the place of residence (including its employees, directors, agents and any of the like) (First) Not doing anything, directly or indirectly: (A) Offer, promise, or give to any third party (including government officials, or (representatives and candidates of) political parties). (B) Seeking, agreeing to or obtaining a promise for himself from any third party, and / or any gift, payment, prize, benefit in any form that could be construed as bribery, administrative corruption, or illegal conduct.

(Second) Comply with all applicable laws governing non-bribery, gifts, and corrupt practices (including the Corrupt Practices Act in the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Non-Bribery Law in the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). 10.9 The Agreement shall enter into force via the Internet or by means of a separate peer implementation or via PDF or fax, and each (copy) shall be considered original, valid and binding. The Agreement will enter into force and shall be effective upon written confirmation of acceptance of acceptance of the place of residence by By registering and subscribing to the Partner Program as a partner's place of residence, he agrees, resides, and accepts the place of residence. The agreement does not need to be mutually exclusive to be effective, binding and enforceable. 10.10 Due to the laws and regulations in place to combat money laundering, corruption, terrorist financing, and tax evasion, is prohibited from providing any service to you by making or accepting any payments from, making, executing, or facilitating “payments”. The place of residence is located (but in any case) or as long as any of the following guarantees are not valid. Accordingly, he undertakes and guarantees the place of residence (notwithstanding the judicial laws on the bank account): (A) That it bears and is in line with all other governmental permits and licenses and authorizations necessary to conduct, implement and follow up its operations and business (including obtaining and using a bank account). (B) That he who owns the bank account (C) That the payment and transfer from / to the bank account is a sale on a purely commercial basis, and in accordance with all laws, legislations, laws, regulations, decrees and rules, and does not violate any laws in place to combat anti-laundering, anti-money laundering, anti-money laundering, or anti-money laundering or anti-money laundering laws. Law or legislation (tax). (D) That the bank account is not used (directly or indirectly) for money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion, tax avoidance, or any other illegal activities. (E) The place of residence hereby agrees to fully indemnify for all damages, losses, claims, losses, penalties, losses, fines, costs and expenses incurred, paid or incurred by (Or any of its group of subsidiaries (in addition to any of its directors / directors, officials, employees, clients, or representatives)) for any claim (allegedly or promised) by the government, authority, organization, or entity Through or from the bank account that is illegal or violates any laws, regulations, legislation or rules applicable (anti-corruption / anti-money laundering / tax evasion / combating terrorist financing). 11. The contract period The duration of the contract is a calendar year, automatically renewed unless either party notifies the other party to cancel the contract in writing or by e-mail or fax, provided that the notification is made thirty days before the end of the contract period First party Second party